February 23, 2005



TurboScout users only need to enter keywords once to get original results from different search engines.

You will find TurboScout an invaluable tool for search engine optimization. Instead of visiting each of the search engine web sites, you will be able to use TurboScout to enter keywords and quickly find the ranking of a web site in the different search engines.

February 22, 2005


FreeFind Site Search

Do you need a site search engine for your web site? FreeFind provides a free version with no fixed page limit. All search engine software is hosted on the FreeFind servers so there is no software to download or install on your own server.

February 21, 2005


Pluck Web Edition

If you are looking for a web-based RSS reader, consider using Pluck. The Pluck Web Edition (PWE) provides an integrated RSS feed directory and search engine to help you to quickly and easily find new feeds. It also allows you to publish and share your collection of RSS feeds via publicly available folders hosted on the Internet by Pluck. Each public folder has an associated RSS feed so that other people can subscribe to it.

February 18, 2005



A permalink (permanent link) is a type of URL (Uniform Resource Locator) set up for a specific item of information, often a news story or weblog item. The Techie Blog has a permalink at the end of each blog entry for referencing that specific entry instead of the entire blog.

Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, has a more detailed explanation on Permalinks.

February 17, 2005



Are you a techie? Still not sure what it means to be a techie? Read all about Techies at Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. You will also find information about nerds and geeks!

February 16, 2005


Internet Explorer

Speaking yesterday (February 15, 2005) at the RSA Security Conference in San Francisco, Bill Gates announced a new version of Internet Explorer (IE 7) which will be released for preliminary testing this summer. Please read the following news story for more details:


MSNBC - Microsoft to release new Internet browser
SAN FRANCISCO - Microsoft will release a new version of its Internet Explorer browser with improved security features, Bill Gates announced Tuesday.
Although some Internet surfers have switched to other browser products, Microsoft's Internet Explorer is still the most popular web browser.


McAfee Daily Updates

Do you have McAfee's antivirus software installed on your computer? If so, you may be interested in the following news story:


McAfee plans daily virus updates | CNET News.com
Security specialist McAfee said Monday that it will start updating its virus-matching database every day, and that it will launch a customizable Web site that offers incident and threat information.
McAfee is a leading provider of network security and availability technology.


Free Microsoft AntiSpyware

According to CNET News.com, Bill Gates announced in a speech yesterday (February 15, 2005) at the annual RSA Security Conference that Microsoft AntiSpyware will be free. Last month Microsoft released a free test version (Beta) but had not announced until today whether the software would be free in its final release.

February 15, 2005


Microsoft Patches

Microsoft's monthly security bulletin (February, 2005) includes several high-priority updates for Windows, according to the recent news story:


MSNBC - Microsoft releases 8 'critical' patches
SEATTLE - Microsoft Corp. released eight security fixes Tuesday that carry its highest threat rating and urged computer users to install them quickly because all the vulnerabilities they address could let attackers take complete control of systems.
You can use Windows Update if you need to apply these patches to your own computer. Better yet, you can set up your computer (Windows 2000, Windows XP, or Windows Me) for Automatic Updates so that Windows will find the updates you need and apply them directly to your computer. There is also an option for Automatic Updates to just prompt you whenever any updates are ready to be downloaded and installed. (The Automatic Updates icon will appear in the notification area of your computer's taskbar.)


Ask Jeeves

Users of Bloglines will be interested in the following news story:


MSNBC - Ask Jeeves Buys Bloglines

SAN FRANCISCO - Underdog online search engine Ask Jeeves Inc. has bought Bloglines, a Web log index and Internet news funnel popular with serious readers of online journals, in its latest bid to gain ground on heavyweight rivals Google Inc. and Yahoo Inc.
Bloglines is a comprehensive, integrated service for searching, subscribing, publishing and sharing news feeds, blogs, and web content.

February 14, 2005


Spyware Trojan

Do you have the Microsoft Windows AntiSpyware (Beta) software installed on your computer? If so, you may be interested in the following news story:


MSNBC - Microsoft probes spyware system attack
REDMOND, Wash. - Microsoft Corp. is investigating a malicious program that attempts to turn off the company's newly released anti-spyware software for Windows computers.
For more details on Microsoft's AntiSpyware product for Windows (Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows Server 2003), read a helpful overview provided by Microsoft.

February 09, 2005


MSN Spaces

Are you still looking for an easy, affordable way to set up your own blog? Create an online space for free with MSN Spaces!

You can easily build your own weblog (blog) to share your thoughts and experiences, include information, make recommendations (lists), display photos, and more. MSN Spaces also has a category feature that allows you to organize your weblog entries into as many as 25 categories.

If you would like to see an example, The eNetSC Journal was created with MSN Spaces.

Sign up today and start blogging!



FeedBurner is a free service that allows you to republish your RSS or Atom feed into a variety of formats. It is a very helpful tool for providing a compatible RSS version to readers that do not support Atom.

It will also format your raw feed XML into a browser-friendly, subscriber-friendly format that displays like a web page and includes information on subscribing to your feed. For example, the raw feed XML for The eNetSC Journal was republished with FeedBurner into a browser-friendly, subscriber-friendly format.


RSS to JavaScript

Free RSS to JavaScript conversion tools are available to easily integrate an RSS feed into a web site. For example, the RSS feed for The eNetSC Journal has been converted to JavaScript code so that it can be viewed on the eNetSC.com web site as one of its web pages.

If you are interested in converting an RSS feed to JavaScript code for a web site, check out Feed2JS. This tool is easy to use and will allow you to customize the content to match your web site design. Please view the web page, The eNetSC Journal, if you would like to see an example.



With just a few easy steps you can convert RSS feeds to HTML links for your web site! The free RSS2HTML tool allows you to select a layout and color scheme to generate a URL that can be added to a web site. Please view an example that was created from the RSS feed of The eNetSC Journal.

February 07, 2005


MSN Search

Microsoft has released its MSN Search tools that include a new search engine, index, and crawler built on Microsoft technology.

If you are a web site owner, you can add MSN Search tools to your web site so that your web site visitors can perform both a web search and a site search.

February 04, 2005


FrontPage Include Bot

Do you use Microsoft FrontPage? The FrontPage Include Bot is a very helpful tool for webmasters. If you have content (data or images) that will be included on all your web pages, you can set up an include bot to quickly and easily make a change to your web site without having to update each web page separately.

February 02, 2005


The HTML Writers Guild

The HTML Writers Guild is a leading organization for web professionals. Members include webmasters, web site developers, graphic designers, programmers, multimedia specialists, system administrators, educators, e-commerce specialists, Intranet/Extranet specialists, and others who participate in the development, monitoring and management of web sites.

February 01, 2005



NetworkCablesOnline.com provides network cables (Cat5, Cat5e, Cat6), crossover cables (Cat5), custom network cables (Ethernet), and many other types of cables.


V-Day Promotion Reminder

Just a reminder about the Valentine's Day promotion at The Techie Shop. The coupon expires February 3, 2005. You will save $5.00 off when you spend $50.00 or more. Enter coupon code VDAY50 during the checkout process.


Definiteweb Australia

Definiteweb Australia provides search engine optimization and web design services.

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