June 23, 2005


XML News

Interested in learning more about XML (Extensible Markup Language)? Stay updated by reading the latest XML News headlines.



If you are ready to freelance, use eLance to market your expertise and sell your professional services to businesses around the world.

Elance is the premier global services marketplace. Buyers and sellers use Elance to find each other, negotiate the deal, and even as a platform to deliver the service.

June 22, 2005


Search Engine Keywords

Read a helpful article on how to research what Search Engine Keywords are being used to search the Internet so that you can improve the search engine rankings of a web site with keyword targeting strategies.

June 20, 2005


Search Tools

Looking for products, tools, and resources to help you search the web more efficiently?

View a helpful collection of Search Tools for surfing the Internet. You will even find online language translators for web and text pages.

June 17, 2005


Bravenet Site Search

Help web site visitors quickly find what they need by adding a site search tool to your web site. The Site Search Service provided by Bravenet allows visitors to do a keyword search and review all of the web pages containing that keyword. Sign up for a free membership with Bravenet today!

June 16, 2005


E-Commerce Solutions

Seeking an e-commerce solution for your web site?

Find a variety of E-Commerce Solutions, information, and resources at the eNetSC.com web site to enhance your business endeavors.


Web Hosting Options

Are you seeking an affordable web hosting solution for developing your own web site?

Discover a host of Web Hosting options at the eNetSC.com web site to help you establish an Internet presence.


Web Solutions

Find a collection of Web Solutions, resources, and tools at the eNetSC.com web site to assist you in the development of your web presence.

June 15, 2005


Findia Net Search

Findia Net Search is a search engine designed to let you quickly and easily find what you are seeking. Its clean design reflects a focused intent to provide you with the best search tool possible.


Microsoft Windows Update

Do you have Microsoft Windows installed?

To protect your computer from the latest Internet threats, it is recommended that you install security updates as soon as they become available. The Microsoft security updates for June 2005 have been released.

You can also keep up with the latest updates by using Microsoft Automatic Updates for Windows XP, Windows 2000, and Windows Millennium Edition (Windows Me).

June 13, 2005


Microsoft Acrylic (Beta)

Microsoft recently released Acrylic (code name), an innovative illustration, painting, and graphics tool that provides exciting creative capabilities for designers working in print, web, video, and interactive media.

If you would like to help Microsoft test its new professional graphics software, download a trial (beta) version of the Acrylic software.


Site Map

Do you need to create a site map for a web site? Consider using FreeFind. It provides both a free version and a professional version. All search engine software is hosted on the FreeFind servers so there is no software to download or install on your own server.

For an example, please view the Site Map at the eNetSC.com web site. It is regularly updated to help visitors quickly locate web pages. You can also check "What's New?" to see the latest updates or perform a web site search.

June 02, 2005



Do you want to create your own newsletter but do not know where to begin? Gain valuable information from Newsletters on creating your newsletter.

For an example of an online newsletter, please view The eNetSC eZine.

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