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October 29, 2004


StatCounter provides accurate, reliable, real-time web site statistics with detailed visitor tracking and analysis. The free, invisible counter can be used to track up to 250,000 page views per month. Enhanced features are available for a small, monthly fee.


Sign up for a free 30-day trial (up to 20,000 hits) with HitsLink and view advanced web tracking, statistics, and analysis for your web site. Pricing is affordable for even small web sites. Each month's billing is based upon the actual page views of the previous month.

October 28, 2004

The Techie Shop Blog

The Techie Shop Blog provides news and information about The Techie Shop, our online shop featuring geek apparel and merchandise.

October 27, 2004

Web Site Tracking

A variety of Web Site Tracking tools are available for tracking and analyzing your web site traffic.

October 26, 2004

Web Site Monitoring

Is your web site up? Are you sure? Are you losing visitors because your site is down?

Make sure your web site is always available to your customers by monitoring it. View a collection of Web Site Monitoring services available to monitor your site, provide alert notification, and other monitoring features.

October 25, 2004

JavaScript Optimization

Are you using JavaScript code on your web site? Learn how to improve your web design with JavaScript Optimization techniques.

Link Exchange

Learn how to improve your search engine rankings by setting up Link Exchange partners for your web site.

Google AdWords

Master the art of advertising in Google! Learn how to write effective Google AdWords advertisements to improve your search engine marketing campaign.

October 22, 2004

Search Engine Ranking

Go to the top of search engine results! View a collection of products, services, tools, and resources to help you improve your web site's Search Engine Ranking.

October 20, 2004

SEO Resources

Promote your web site with Search Engine Optimization resources, products, services, techniques, and tools.

October 15, 2004

HTML Color Codes

ColorPicker II is an online tool to help you fine tune the HTML Color Codes for your web page. The hex value will be displayed when you click on a color in the chart for the background, text, link, visited link, or active link.

October 12, 2004

Technology Resources

View a helpful collection of Technology Resources, hints, tips, tools, and services for computer users.

October 08, 2004

Link Defender

Link Defender will scan your web site for broken links. The Professional Edition allows you to check an unlimited number of web sites, pages, and links. The Standard Edition allows you to check up to 5 domains with up to 500 pages per web site. The free trial version can be downloaded to scan up to 100 pages for 30 days.

W3C Link Checker

Use the free W3C Link Checker to quickly check a web page. It can even warn you about HTTP redirects, including directory redirects. The online version of the link checker also provides the option of checking up to 150 links recursively.

October 07, 2004

W3C HTML Validator

The W3C HTML Validator is a free, online service that checks HTML and XHTML documents for conformance to W3C recommendations and other standards. You can validate your code by URL or file upload.

HTML Tidy Online

HTML Tidy Online is a free, web-based tool for checking your HTML source code. You can enter the URL of a web page, paste in the HTML code, or upload the HTML file.

October 06, 2004

Bandwidth Speed Test

Do you know the speed of your Internet connection? Use a variety of tools and resources to measure your bandwidth.

October 04, 2004


Wordtracker compiles a database of search terms from the largest metacrawlers on the web. Subscribe to the keyword report and receive a weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly report of the top 500 frequently searched words on the Internet. This free report can be used to enhance your meta tags, title, and page content to increase your visibility and position yourself in the marketplace.